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Comment: Renamed maven-dmgen-plugin to dmgen-maven-plugin


For using the data model generation, use the dmgen-maven-dmgen-plugin. The data model is specified in a datamodel specification xml file, usually called datamodel.xml.  Its location is given by the parameter dmSpecFile of the dmgen-maven-dmgen-plugin.  Based on that file, the generator can generate various kinds of source code.  The decision what to generate is given in a configuration file, usually called generator.xml.  Its location is given by the parameter dmConfigFile of the dmgen-maven-dmgen-plugin.

A common usecase is having the datamodel.xml file in the api project, and using it for generation both in the api and in the impl project, with a generator.xml in both projects.  To make this work, one must include the datamodel.xml file into the api bundle as a resource, and then refer to it from the impl bundle.