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Comment: Hint -B


Based on manpage of tcpdump(8) from Debian jessie's tcpdump version 4.3.0-1.

-B buffersizeset buffer size to buffersize kilobytes-b 4096
-c countexit after count packets-c 100
-F fileread filter expression from file-F mycomplexfilter1.txt
-i interfaceListen on interface-i eth1
-w filewrite packets to file rather than decoding them to stdout-w mydump1.pcap
-Z userafter opening input device but before opening output file change user ID to user
useful to avoid chown-calls after each tcpdump run
-Z jdoe
expression | 'expression'filter expression, see manpage pcap-filter(7) and next chapter 


2. "interrupt" the ethernet connection with a Linux machine set up as software bridge. If successful maybe apply for a job with NSA or your country's sister organization.

Avoiding 'packets dropped by kernel'

Use -B to increase the capture buffer size.

The size specified is in KB, i.e. -B 1024 sets the buffer to 1 MB.