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Comment: Clarification on login.mechanism


URL of exported DomainPasswordLoginService/http-login/<login.mechanism>/login
<login.mechanism> beeing i.e. jaas from org.clazzes.login.jaas for org.clazzes.login.jaasldaporg.clazzes.login.ldap from org.clazzes.login.ldaphttporg.clazzes.login.http from org.clazzes.login.http.
Older implementations may have not used the org.clazzes.login. part, i.e. jaas instead of org.clazzes.login.jaas and so on.

Starting with version 1.2.0 of http-login-adapter, the timezone of the user logging in is determined via javascript and propagated to the server as the login time zone, when the configuration parameter doTimeZoneDetection=true is set. The login timezone may be queried using HttpLoginServer.getTimeZone() or ThreadLocalManager.getLoginTimeZone() when using HttpCheckLoginInterceptor of http-aop-util-1.2.0 or later