now running dual stack, IPv6 and IPv4


IPv6 has reached and we are now running in dual stack mode, offering services over IPv4 and the "new" IPv6!

Current Server Status: IPv6 up and running

Two days ago our housing provider offered us to participate in the "friendly user phase" for there ongoing IPv6 introduction.

Technically this means:

  • We have been assigned an official global IPv6 subnet
  • We have full IPv6 connectivity
  • We should get the according reverse lookup zone assigned to use soon
  • But IPv6 operation is not yet part of the SLA, and in case of major connectivity problems IPv4 gets repaired first

Client Applications Status: Tweaking may be required

IPv6 is not that new and there are regions and internet access providers without IPv4 addresses.

Therefore the majority of applications has good dual stack support now: When a server has IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, connections over both channels are attempted, either concurrently (faster one wins) or one after the other. This should allow pretty much all applications to connect to the server, even if the IPv6 setup or connectivity is broken somehow.

If an application fails to connect nevertheless, or if the attempt-both-approach just costs too much time, it is usually possible to tweak the application behaviour. For some details, feel free to read our according KnowHow arcticle on HowTo invite applications to prefer IPv4 or IPv6.

Feedback Welcome!

To provide feedback on's IPv6 setup, please write to or tweet @ClazzesOrg.