LDAP/ADS login service

The ldap-login-service is provided as an OSGi bundle, which may be activated by

obr:addurl http://maven.clazzes.org/repository.xml
obr:deploy gwt-ldap-login-service

The maven artifact is:



The LDAP login service authenticates against users in an ADS domain or against users in an LDAP server configured for an individual domain.

The LDAP login service might need credential to bind to an LDAP Server before actually searching a user name based on the given userAttribute.

For ADS Servers a non-search policy is implemented, which tries to bind using a principal in the form user@domain.


The LDAP login service may be configured using the OSGi configuration PID


as shown in the following gwt-config-manager screenshot

The configuration values are

KeyDefault ValueDescription
defaultDomain The domain to use for principals, which do not contain a domain.
maxRetries3The maximal number of retries before a user agent is blocked.
sessionTimeout180The session timeout in Minutes to set on the HTTPSession upon successful authentication.
userAttributesamAccountNameThe LDAP attribute to use for finding a DN for a given user.
domain.<domain>.controller The server to contact. Supported URL schemes: ldap, ldaps, ads. See below
domain.<domain>.authMethodsearchAndBindThe method for authenticating a user. Supported methods: searchAndBind, bindAds.
domain.<domain>.bindpw The password used for binding before searching the given user in the domain <domain>. Applies only to the authMethod 'searchAndBind'.
domain.<domain>.binduser The DN used for binding before searching the given user in the domain <domain>. Applies only to the authMethod 'searchAndBind'.

There might be multiple domains in a configuration.

Controller Schemes

The URL schemes for a domain controller are ldap, ldaps and ads.

The ads URL scheme for the URL ads://mydomain.com undertakes a lookup for the

TXT _ldap._tcp.mydomain.com

DNS record and the uses the returned LDAP server as if the ldap or ldaps URI scheme has been specified.