Mini-HowTo reactivate ReinerSCT cyberJack USB Smartcard Readers in XP SP2

The ReinerSCT cyberJack readers tend to hang in Windows XP SP2. 
If, after a system restart, the thing still refuses to complete the tests provided by the cyberJack device manager, the following procedure should help: 

1. disconnect any smart card reader from the PC 

2. via control panel / software, uninstall an cyberJack software, usually cyberJack smartMate and/or cyberJack PCSC, always cyberJack Base 

3. reboot 

4. install most recent cyberJack Base components from ... 
... e.g. ... 
... installing only USB support. 

5. reboot (wait till startup work has calmed down) 

6. insert a smart card into the reader and plug the reader into the PC. (an onboard USB port is preferred over any USB hub) 

7. open device manager (control panel / system / hardware / device manager) 
if the reader has an exclamation mark, right click it, refresh driver ..., and let it heal itself without letting it connect to the update server or pointing it to a certain driver. eventually reboot. 

8. run the device test in cyberJack device manager 

9. if your reader has a firmware <3.0, you might want to update it, via the very same cyberJack device manager (you need a internet connection for that). if you have updated the firmware, disconnect, reconnect and re-test the reader before you continue. 

10. if you want to use PCSC: disconnect reader, reboot, install fresh PCSC components (see link above), reboot, run PCSC tests 

Only if cyberJack tool's tests complete ok, you have a chance of using the smart card reader with applications. 

From: IBCL BLog.
Originally posted: 2006-12-02