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In recent years OSGi containers like Apache Karaf have quickly filled the gap between "simple" servlet containers (like Tomcat, Jetty) and "complicated" J2EE elephants (like JBoss).

Unfortunatley some projects and organizations have not adapted their development and deployment infrastructure, i.e. to migrate from bunches of jars to clean (and eventually mavenized) OSGi bundles.

These circumstances often create the need to investigate, and more often than not tweak, foreign jar files in general and their meta data in particular.

Recurring tasks are almost always worth creating tools to make their execution easier and more efficient. Therefore we created JarTools.

JarTools: Tools to analyse and tweak jar bundles

JarTools makes it easier to retrieve and manipulate meta information in .jar files resp. META-INF/MANIFEST.MF, and similar bits like pom.properties.

More details about the available jt-* commands can be found in it's ReadMe.txt.


Debian packages are available from Clazzes.org's Debian repositories at deb.clazzes.org, resp. this package pool via deb source list any-jartools-1.0.list.

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