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Clazzes-Utils are the historic root of the whole project: A collection of java utilities using package names under org.clazzes.util.

Think of Clazzes-Utils as's counterpart to Apache's commons Projects.

Bundles Overview, source code and issue trackers

The common maven groupId is org.clazzes.util.

artifactIdpublic svnJiraDescription
aop-util version of org.aopalliance patterns like ProxyFactory, ThreadLocalManager and JDBC interceptors.
clazzes-parent Parent project for all org.clazzes.util bundles and many other org.clazzes bundles
clazzes-util initial collection of utils, covering a whole range of areas.
comparators-util comparators

Ancient origin:

HTTPUTILUtils for HTTP services, i.e. an (obsolete) HttpLoginService
jpa-util, jpa-util-agent,
 JPA utilities for OSGi-containers, deprecated project.
maven-antenna-plugin ?
optional ???
osi-layer ?
sched-util utils, i.e. for recurring cleanup tasks
sql-util Utils. See Use of HiLoGenerator and JDBC2XML.
jdbc-provider Multi-DataSource pooling with JDBC-Provider.

Some obsolete or incomplete code is not linked above, feel free to browse the complete trunk at

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