PBA Package Builder + Archiver Home


PBA is the collection of tools that builds and distributes all our C++ software and Debian packages.

It consists of:

  • pba-builder builds debian source packages for several debian like distributions using pbuilder, and optionally feeds the results to incoming directories of pba-archiver installations
  • pba-archiver manages debian archives like deb.clazzes.org, including the pba packages themselfes
  • pba-devtools provides tools to prepare (build, install) packages to be built using pba-builder and/or distributed using pba-archiver
  • pba-cbs is a set of Makefile snippets that allow projects to use short, simple and most importantly static Makefiles even for cross compilation to multiple targets
  • pba-utils provide some common utils around packaging, from docker to git to version management for debian/changelog and spec/*.spec.

Source code

Subversion archive: http://svn.clazzes.org/svn/pba

Public Git mirrors on https://git.clazzes.org/git://git.clazzes.org/pba/pba.git, git://git.clazzes.org/pba/pba-cbs.git