Adapting PBA to new Debian Release


About every 2 years Debian introduces a new release.

The following notes shall provide a step-by-step-plan for adapting the PBA Package Builder + Archiver to a new Debian release and shall make it more efficient for the next Debian.

The first version of this page was created when Debian Buster was on it's way from Full Freeze to GA, we were still using svn back then (mostly git now).

Currently we are in the progress of adapting from Bullseye to Bookworm, so this is WORK IN PROGRESS rg. Bookworm.

Adapt PBA and create PBA-Builder tarballs

See (access ITEG only for now).

Adapt FancyLibs

--- current point of adaption to Debian Bookworm ---

See Adapting FancyLibs & MinGW-Pkg from Debian 9 Stretch to 10 Buster, Mingw-7 to Mingw-8.

Adapt pba-helloworld-portable

See above, use -o unix.

Adapt MinGW if not down during FancyLibs adaption above

See mingw 6 rebuild order.

MinGW-Adapt pba-hello*-portable

See above, with -o "unix|9" instead of "-o unix".

Adaptions for phase 2, once new release is settled

Once the new Debian release is settled and all VIP libraries and current projects can be built for it, we can declare it the new default value for DefaultDistribution in pba-builder.conf.

${EDITOR:-vi} debian/changelog src/etc/pba/builder.conf.template src/lib/

# commit
git commit -m "Making new Debian distro ${NEWDN} default for DefaultDistribution in pba-builder.conf"

# release it