Migration to debhelper 9

This page contains information on migrating old debhelper 6 compatible package to debhelper 9.

Target Distros are debian jessie, stretch and buster.

debian Boilerplate


Fill with the number 9.


  • Add *-dbg packages as usual (only for C/C++ packages)

    Use amd64 as architecture.

    Use ${source:Version} instead of deprecated ${Source-Version}


The following example is from elite-client with simulator and test packages.

#!/usr/bin/make -f # # $Id: rules 3009 2019-12-25 09:18:51Z wglas $ # # rules file for creating debian packages # DEB_DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE = .svn:debian/tmp package = elite-client devpackage = elite-client-dev testpackage = elite-client-test simulatorpackage = elite-simulator builddir = $(shell /bin/pwd)/build/unix/release PKGROOT=$(shell pwd)/debian INSTALL_PROGRAM = install DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_ALL := doc/LICENSE.txt doc/ReadMe.txt %: dh $@ override_dh_strip: dh_strip -pelite-client --dbg-package=elite-client-dbg dh_strip -pelite-client-test --dbg-package=elite-client-test-dbg dh_strip -pelite-simulator --dbg-package=elite-simulator-dbg override_dh_auto_build: cd $(builddir) && $(MAKE) clean:: cd $(builddir) && $(MAKE) clean rm -rf debian/*.subvars debian/*.log debian/$(package) debian/$(devpackage) debian/$(testpackage) debian/$(simulatorpackage) override_dh_auto_install: rm -rf $(PKGROOT)/$(package) mkdir -p $(PKGROOT)/$(package) rm -rf $(PKGROOT)/$(devpackage) mkdir -p $(PKGROOT)/$(devpackage) rm -rf $(PKGROOT)/$(testpackage) mkdir -p $(PKGROOT)/$(testpackage) rm -rf $(PKGROOT)/$(simulatorpackage) mkdir -p $(PKGROOT)/$(simulatorpackage) cd $(builddir)/modules/elite-client && $(MAKE) install-bin DESTDIR=$(PKGROOT)/$(package) cd $(builddir)/modules/elite-client && $(MAKE) install-dev DESTDIR=$(PKGROOT)/$(devpackage) cd $(builddir)/programs/elite-client-test && $(MAKE) install-bin DESTDIR=$(PKGROOT)/$(testpackage) cd $(builddir)/programs/elite-simulator && $(MAKE) install-bin DESTDIR=$(PKGROOT)/$(simulatorpackage)