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... an Open Source project featuring libraries for JAVA and other programming languages.

It is operated by ITEG with support from several other contributors from Austria (See Contact & Contributors).

Software projects

  • Authentication Tools Home, authentication service connectors and a backend
  • Clazzes-Utils are a collection of Java utils under org.clazzes.util, and the historic root of the project
  • Colin, a structural analysis application with a lightweight interface, an part of the QT Ambassador Program
  • CSVEdit, yet another editor for .csv like files, in C++ with QT4
  • Data Model Generator and Utils, generates POJOs and DAOs from data models specified in xml
  • DOJO-Clazzes, things created when moving from GWT to DOJO Toolkit
  • FancyMail, a free alternative message sending service for e-mail and SMS in JAVA
  • FancyLibs, a collection of lightweight portable basic function classes for C++
  • FTPSync, a PERL skript to synchronize a local directory tree and a remote FTP directory tree
  • Some basic GWT tools, currently covered by the know-how space GWT Basics
  • HPGS, a HPGL/2 interpreter in C++
  • JarTools makes it easier to retrieve and manipulate meta information in .jar files resp. META-INF/MANIFEST.MF, and similar bits

  • JDBC2XML, started as a commandline tool for dumping and restoring databases from/to XML and slowly growing to a Java library for simple table creation and manipulation
  • MLP (Mail.Log-Parsing) a script collection to make it easier to parse /var/log/mail.log and the like
  • OOOEngine, a wrapper to have a OpenOffice or LibreOffice daemon perform tasks like convert files
  • PBA Package Builder + Archiver, the collection of tools that builds and distributes all our C++ software and Debian packages (see below and
  • Remoting, a RPC framework for C++ and Java using TCP/IP and optionally TLS
  • Sketch, a 2D graphics framework for web applications
  • TopicMap Engine, a implementation of the TopicMaps API (TMAPI 2.0.2)

Downloads, Packages, Source Code

For installers, tarballs and debian packages go to the Downloads, or

For source code start at the Repository Access page or simple at

Best Practices

As everyone we are trying to find Best Practices for software development.

Know How collections

Besides a general Know-How collection (including Gnome3 hints) there are specialzed information collections for ...

Packaging Projects

Besides packages for our own software projects, our debian repository also provides (re)packaging of some other projects.

The re-packaging is documented in these confluence spaces:

Arts Projects

After searching for free pictures once too often, we started to collect and draw some free stuff using svg.

They are available directly via subversion:

Accounts available only on request due to vandalism

We are always open to new contributors (our Open Source licenses of Atlassian's Confluence and Jira demand so anyway). Unfortunately some vandalism incidents forced us to turn public registration off.

Honest users however are still welcome, so whoever wants to register, please contact us and we will gladly provide accounts on, eventually even write access to subversion and debian repositories.

@ClazzesOrg on Twitter

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